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Our Services

Some of the services we offer, in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas, within the aerial photography and aerial videography sphere include:

Civil Infrastructure

 *Buildings, Bridges, Towers, Stadiums 

Energy Infrastructure

 *Windmills, Solar Panels 


 *Shingles, Chimneys, etc. 

Sports Lighting

 *Bulb replacement  

*Progression Photos 

*Equipment Tracking 

*Site Surveys 

Commercial & Residential

*One of the primary benefits of using drones for real estate is the elevated photos and videos that provide potential buyers with a dynamic angles of a property that a regular camera can't capture.

*Weddings, Birthdays, and Anniversaries 

*Corporate Outings 

*Logistical Monitoring

*Surveillance and Security

*Insurance Claims 

*Personal Property Audits

*Makes for a very unique dynamic video that stands out from the competition. The process consist of photos being taken incrementally and then stitched together to create an amazing video!

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