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Why Dynamic Aerial Services?

  It might sound like a good idea to go buy a Drone with a camera to take some pictures for your business projects/marketing or upcoming special event, but to do it legally, safely and to avoid F.A.A. fines, it's not so simple! 

Some NECESSARY steps to consider when hiring a Drone Service Provider (DSP)

-F.A.A. exemptions, regulations, as well as documentation

-Pre-flight preparations and checklists

-Risk management systems and procedures

-Weather, airspace and airport proximity awareness

-Obtain F.A.A. permissions, under Part 107, authorizations or waivers are required to fly within Class B, C, D and E airspace.

-Filing for required NOTAMs prior to U.A.S. operations

-Appropriate permissions

-Aircraft maintenance, documentation and F.A.A. registration

-Liability Insurance coverage

-Handling and processing of large volumes of digital data

-Finding certified and current pilots as required by F.A.A. for P.I.C. (pilot in command)

I've already done the homework and and have the procedures in place to get the job done at a great rate!


Frequently Asked Questions 

How much do your services cost?

Cost of each service varies based on certain factors such as, which drone/s is required, location, time at location, deliverable data/content, how many pilots that are needed and more? Once you contact us and we have the necessary info, we can quote your project very competitively.


What is the quality of video and photos?

All of our Drones shoot video in 4K and capture 20MP Photos. 


Do you provide video editing?

Yes, we do provide video editing as well as photo processing of RAW images taken with the Drones. 

How loud is the drone? Will it distract visitors at my event?

We have a variety of Drones that vary in size and depending on the type of event we can bring a quieter U.A.S. During the consultation you will have the opportunity to hear the different levels of sound the Drones produce. 

What is the battery life of the drones that you use?

The battery life ranges from 12-45 minutes based on weather, temperature, and other factors.

What is the the sound quality in the videos that you produce?

The sound quality used is industry standard from different sources of royalty free music. We will send you the website for you to pick the music of your choice to go along with the video we produce. 

How far in advance do I need to schedule?

Of course A.S.A.P. is always best! 

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