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Interested in learning how to fly your drone like a professional? Dynamic Aerial Services has a flight training program starting for individuals age 18 and up. One on one or group training for up to five participants at a time is available.  Our thorough flight training sessions teach you the ins and outs of how to use a drone safely and in compliance with the F.A.A. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, fly a drone, and learn the software used to operate the drone remotely and autonomously. Upon conclusion of the flight training session, you will receive your Certificate of Completion. Not to be mistaken with the F.A.A. Part 107 license, which you will need to fly commercially, the D.A.S. flight training certificate is something that is highly suggested in obtaining before flying your new expensive machine. Consider it like a driving school while you don’t need it to get your drivers license, but it will help in the short and long term!


-Meet with the instructor in a convenient outdoor location, like a park or athletic field

-Thorough walk-through of the DJI Go 4 or DJI Fly app (20mins.)

-Learn the basics on a popular DJI drone model provided by the instructor. (20mins.)

-Hands-on flying to master orientation, basic flight maneuvers and more advanced flight skills (20mins.)

-Learn to maneuver around obstacles and handle emergencies (lost GPS, low battery charge) (20mins.)

-Practice flying under various intelligent flight modes (20 mins.)

-Capture photo and video at your flight location

-Understand best practices of being a safe drone pilot (10 mins.)

-Ask questions about regulations, software, flight operations management, and more. (10 mins.)

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