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Construction  Support

Dynamic Aerial Services has experience in the collection and analysis of complex data acquired in remote, congested or not easily-accessible locations. Dynamic Aerial Services specializes in the areas of Aerial Photography and Aerial Videography for Construction site projects, and Aerial Surveying. Delivering accurate information faster, safer, and far less expensive than traditional strategies and procedures. Operating in and around Indianapolis, IN and willing to travel.

Types of Support Offered:

Seaside Construction
Construction in Progress
Construction Workers

Progression Photos/Videos

Monitor detailed, accurate, and easy-to-read reports – Keep members of the various teams up to date in the know. Aerial photos/videos can be shared with project managers, stakeholders, as well as investors who are interested in keeping tabs on the specific project.

Equipment Tracking

Using unmanned technology in construction can help workers do flyovers and assess if the material is where it is supposed to be. Another way it helps, is recognizing if any equipment which should be terminated is still on-site, thus preventing expensive accidental damages.

Site Surveys

By combining aerial images through drones with onboard GPS, drone surveys create a digital “print” of a living worksite, which can be measured and updated over time as the site changes. Very useful to many of the people involved

Same Day Delivery


Unedited Files!

6 Reasons to use
Dynamic Aerial Services

  1. Safe Environment

  2. Cost Saving Technology

  3. Quality of Aerial Images

  4. Precise Data Capture

  5. Minimizes Danger

  6. Minimizes Health Risk



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